The Mother Of Firefly?
More Frustration than Necessity...

After a rather uneventful, but serene afternoon of on the big river, the sun slowly began to settle in the east. A seasoned angler was just about ready to pack it up when a heavy hatch of tiny tan caddis began and suddenly the water boiled with rising fish. With a slight burst of excitement, the angler went for one last shot at a successful day.

He had everything he needed as dusk fell on the water. He pulled out his 7x fluorocarbon tippet and selected a perfect #22 caddis fly match. What he didn't have was 18-year-old eyes or enough light from the setting sun.

He fumbled with his vest pocket light and his flip-down magnifier lenses. He struggled to get them to line up so he could thread the fly and make decent knot. He twisted his body so much that if a traveling circus came by they would have picked him up as a contortionist for their show. It was hopeless. He packed up frustrated and went home unhappy.

The next day, as the angler lamented his unfortunate tale to a fellow angler, he realized that if he had a way of integrating the light and magnifier into one device that left his hands free to tie on the fly, he could have had a much happier ending to his frustrating fishing experience. He went looking for such a thing and found nothing.

That's when Firefly Eyewear was born. Designed by Acclaim Innovations and Manufactured by Seabrook Plastics. Firefly Eyewear is the first fully integrated light and magnifier that slides securely to the brim of a cap or a visor, leaving your hands free to do the work.

Now with Firefly, the fishing doesn’t have to stop at dusk, just when the best hatch of the day begins. It is lightweight with a dependable clip that slides easily and firmly onto the brim of a hat or a visor. Firefly features 2.5x magnification with a super bright LED bulb housed in an attractive, water-resistant shell.

Firefly can help your eyes and free your hands whenever you have close up work to do when the light is not so good. Click here to see the versatility of Firefly Eyewear.

Firefly is a bargain compared to many lights and magnifiers on the market (none of which are integrated).

Acclaim Innovations US Patent # 7177751

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