Comparing Firefly Eyewear to any other product is basically an apples to oranges comparison because Firefly Eyewear is the only convenient, integrated light and magnifier.

Designed by Acclaim Innovations and Manufactured by Seabrook Plastics. Firefly Eyewear is the first fully integrated light and magnifier that slides securely to the brim of a cap or a visor, leaving your hands free to do the work.

When you compare Firefly Eyewear to magnifiers and lights used individually (or in tandem) Firefly Eyewear is more convenient and affordable. Free your hands and your budget, purchasing the individual magnifier and the light shown on this page would cost you over $50.00* while the Firefly Eyewear is an integrated solution saving you over $10.00 and saving you the headache and hassle of other, non-integrated, products.

*pricing comparison based on manufacturers' suggested retail prices.


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